My affiliates are quality sites dedicated to characters from Final Fantasy X and X-2. They are some of the first sites I'd like to send you to after you're done surfing through my site, as they will help give you a greater understanding of Tidus and Final Fantasy X. I hope you check them out.

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Antihero Dedicated to another Final Fantasy lead, Squall Leonhart of FF8, Antihero is Poltergeist's brother site. Stefi and I like to make up reasons to affiliate our various sites, and this totally makes sense to us. Recently revamped, Antihero is home to tons of media and a variety of unique analytical essays that will make you view Squall in a new light.

Foundational Elements of Spira The Foundational Elements of Spira is Snow's unique site to the aeons of Final Fantasy X. The site is highly speculative, but that is what is so amazing about it. It's also grounded and supported with fact. I found Snow's thoughts on the aeons, the four elements, the fayth, and sacrifice in Final Fantasy X incredibly interesting and thought-provoking. I also enjoyed her unique view of Tidus and his determination to stop the sacrifices. Great stuff and an awesome read. A+.

Nocturne Nocturne is Sofia's in-depth tribute to Shuyin, Tidus's look-alike of Final Fantasy X-2 fame. The shrine is one of a kind from its unique layout to its engaging essays - Check out Contrast for a particularly compelling read. What's so cool about the shrine though is Sofia's personal touches; she even interjected famous quotes above her menus from people like Shakespeare and Aristotle.

Roses Have Thorns What I love about Ava's shrine to Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII is her obvious understanding and appreciation of the character. Ava knocks down common misconceptions about Lightning, and highlights Lightning's character in informative and engaging articles. I enjoyed reading her thoughts and theories about Lightning and the game, particularly those brought up in Societal Subtext, where Final Fantasy X gets a mention. The whole site is a great read. Check it out!

Sen no Kotoba A lot of great sites are dedicated to FFX-2's Lenne. It's weird to think she's only an NPC. Sen no Kotoba is Stefi's nostalgic tribute. It breaks down Lenne's character in a clear and thorough way. Though Stefi has plans to revamp this site in the future, there's a lot to be seen and enjoyed, like the large media section.

Song of Prayer Sheila is more known for her Rinoa fansite, but her Yunalesca site is a great read that should definitely not be overlooked. It was written years ago, but it stands strong today, delving into the Japanese version of the game, covering Yunalesca and the mythology of Final Fantasy X. It's interesting to say the least. In addition to essays, there's a wealth of media to be viewed.

Will Will, Chrissy's shrine to Yuna, is Poltergeist's wife. Chrissy is my FFX buddy, and I was ecstatic when she told me she was making a Yuna shrine. I proposed marriage almost right away, haha. Chrissy loves Yuna as much as I love Tidus, and it shows in her shrine; she puts so much of herself in her writing. The sections I enjoyed most were Smile, Moon, and Stereotype, but read the entire shrine. It's awesome.

Woman in Black Woman in Black is Cherri's shrine to Lulu, FFX's resident black mage. Lulu is a character that never really got a lot of love online, so I was ecstatic when Cherri announced her shrine. Cherri look at her shrines as character studies; it's always interesting to see what she will decide to write about. The Symbolism pages on this site really stand out as great and interesting reads.