Poltergeist debuted on October 12th, 2007. This is what I wrote about this shrine when I first opened it:

I created this shrine not only because Tidus is probably my favorite character in any game ever, but because I honestly feel like I can identify with aspects of his story and personality. If you visit my other shrines you'll notice this one has a lot more of a personal approach to it. I understand Tidus because he's a lot like me, and I've recently begun to understand myself.

The site's focus hasn't changed too much over the years. Although I've been taking a more objective approach with my more recent essays, Poltergeist will always be my personal tribute to Tidus.


This site was actually named by my friend Aeryvae. I was discussing Tidus with her, and she told me that she sees Tidus as an unruly ghost who causes havoc in a world that is not his own. I thought this view of him was perfect; it made Tidus much more fascinating to me. He essentially shouldn't be in Spira, but enters Yuna's world, makes a huge impact on not only her life, but Spira as a whole, and then disappears. He really is a poltergeist.