I know it's selfish, but this is my story!

Welcome to Poltergeist, a personal tribute to Tidus from Final Fantasy X, my favorite character from my favorite game, and well, anything ever. Tidus is a character I'm able to relate a lot to. His story is tragic, haunting, and just plain cool. I found myself having a lot to say about our resident Blitzball player.

Venture forth through the links above if you've played the game; hopefully you'll find something interesting. If you haven't played the game, beware of spoilers. Almost every section contains spoilers, and the game is too incredible to be spoiled. I hope you enjoy your stay here.


Relaunch - May 07, 2018

Hey, look, it's my Tidus shrine. This site has always been a special site to me. It was the first site that I really put myself into, and for better or worse, it is uniquely me. Like me, it's flawed, incomplete, and at times a complete mess. This site is probably the site that I have worked the most on over the years, and no matter how much work I put into it, I am never truly ever satisfied with it. As I grow and change as a person, it grows and changes. One day I might call it complete.

I'm calling this update a relaunch, but the site has never been offline; it just was broken for a time. Everything should be fixed now. I've even given the site a new layout. The only thing not currently up is the Visitors section, which is going to take some time to bring back, and a few articles I was dissatisfied with that need rewrites. I'll bring all those things back over time.

The fanlisting has been merged with the site. If you are a fan of Tidus, I hope you will click the link above and join the list of fans! You do not have to have a website to join, just a valid e-mail address you can opt to hide and an appreciation of this great character.

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