Blitz Tips

Do you struggle with blitzball like I do? We're in luck. Snow Rayjah from Rayjah.net wrote a guest article with blitz tips for the struggling blitzer! Thank you so much, Snow! There is some really good information here. Check her article out below:

I've heard that a lot of people have trouble with blitzball. My sister always makes me play it and I've always been stubborn. I reset until I mastered blitzball and beat the Luca Goers. When the game got an HD remix, I knew that I would have to do two things: get the Jecht Shot and beat the Goers. I've compiled some tips that I think make the game just a little easier.

1. Get the Jecht Shot as soon as possible and never remove it. I exaggerate a little but at the beginning it is your ace in the hole, use it to your advantage. It can be a huge pain and you can't use it until the second half of the very first tournament. It is worth it! It knocks out two opponents as part of the "shoot" process. As Tidus gets more levels you can spam the Jecht Shot every game several times and your opponent can't do anything about it. If you don't get it right away, no worries as you can always get it on the ship later in the game. The down side is that you can only use it once a half due to Tidus's low hit points in early games.

2. Take a few minutes to play Blitzball when you get the chance. I find the best thing to do is play one game at every save point. It helps break up the monotony of level or sphere grinding and it only takes ten minutes. This helps strengthen your team and opens up some cool techs (a second Jecht Shot) and the required items to up unlock Wakka's ultimate weapon. Plus, practice makes perfect. Even if you lose a game, your players get experience. The more the team member does in a game, the more experience they get. I think this is true for everyone but the Goalie (as I think they get experience anyways). As long as the member does something in the game they get experience. So, make sure everyone gets the ball at least once. Please remember that every time you blitz the opposing teams also get experience. If you don't want to do the league, the Exhibition matches are a good place to get acquainted with the system.

3. Play on manual. The only time you can control Blitzball is during your team's offense. This makes it much easier to get the ball where you want it. My general philosophy is get the ball to Tidus and "shoot like crazy!"

4. Techcopy! This can be a pain, but the more techs you can get the easier it is for your team to get and keep the ball. Tackles and shots are especially helpful! Tackles can be particularly helpful since they boost your attack. Truthfully, I rarely put anything on Tidus but the Jecht Shot at the beginning.

5. Recruit players and find who you like. I suggest Ropp, Kiyuri, Miyu, Linna, and Shuu (in any combination or all together). All are good players. I often switch out the Aurochs, but, it is not the only way to blitz. Find a team you like! It costs money to sign players, but I feel it's worth it. The more games you play the more players available since contracts run out. If you find an opponent you like, keep playing games to run out their contract and then go hire them.

Ropp: Mi'hen high road Rin's travel agency (after viewing the sunset with Yuna)

Kiyuri: On the ship from Luca.

Miyu: female crusader in red at the Moonflow, she's sitting on the bench

Shuu: cafe in Luca, wearing a red vest (after leaving Luca for the first time)

Linna: blonde Al-Bhed at Macalania temple

After blitzing against the Ronso Fangs, I'd also suggest one of them since they have amazing endurance at the beginning. Again, experiment and find what you're comfortable with.

6. Have fun! I know it sounds cheesy and everyone applies it to everything. But, if you don't enjoy blitzing or you just don't want to do it, don't force yourself! I find that it is easier to blitz when I want to do it.