The ending of Final Fantasy X has got to be the most awesome (and tear-inducing) ending in the series. There was so much amazing content, from Auron being sent, to Yuna's inspiring speech to the people of Spira. The content in it I want to focus on though is of course the parts having to do with Tidus.

Tidus' ending begins with him looking down at his hands. He's a dream that's about to end, and his body is fading. He looks at Yuna and the look on his face is one that I first thought denoted fear, but after further thought it's one I would describe as disappointment. He's not so much scared that his life is going to end as he is sad that he won't get to live it with Yuna. He apologizes to her for not being able to show her Zanarkand. He starts to walk away and Yuna starts running toward him. She jumps in his arms but falls right through his body to the ground. Yuna gets back up, looks toward the sky, and says quietly, "I love you." Tidus turns back to her with looks of shock, disbelief, and pain all in one. He then comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her like he's hugging her. Of course she can't feel a thing, but Yuna closes her eyes and takes in the moment. It's one of the most touching and amazing scenes in the game. Tidus then walks through Yuna and jumps off the edge of the airship into golden clouds. He flies past Auron and Braska and then up to his father Jecht. They high-five one another.

I'm not going to say I cried, because I didn't. I don't even cry in movies. Maybe you'll understand this, though: In Titanic when Rose lets go of Jack and he starts sinking to the bottom of the sea, I didn't cry. My eyes watered, and I had to walk out of the theater so I wouldn't embarrass myself. The only other things that brought on similar responses from me were the movies Pay It Forward and Philadelphia, and the ending of Final Fantasy X.

You know, I really felt bad for Tidus. Throughout the game he was almost overly confident. Then here, in front of everyone, his life begins to end. I was almost embarrassed for him, but then I saw the look in Tidus' eyes. It wasn't shame; it was regret. He loved Yuna and was regretting that he couldn't do for her what he said he would. He spoke so highly of Zanarkand throughout the game, and Yuna actually wanted to see it. I think that's what started the watering in my eyes. Yuna's "I love you," brought it on in full force.

As awesome as that piece of the ending was, though, the last part ran miles around it.

Tidus, floating in the water, stretches his arms out and yawns, just waking up. He starts swimming to the surface and smiles, and then the screen goes black with the words, "The End."

Is Tidus alive?